ON 16TH NOVEMBER 1909 Frankfurt was the base of the world's first airline.

In 1936 Frankfurt Airport opened as a German commercial airport.

Part was a base for fixed-wing aircraft and the southern part served for rigid airships until 6th May 1937, for the ill-fated Hindenburg.

Frankfurt Airport had a problem back in 1997.

They weren't talking of extending a runway by 164 metres but of building a new runway.

The fourth runway was not going to be 4000 metres but 2800 metres.

There was a lot of controversy because of local residents and surrounding environment.

Plans were approved by the Hessen government in December 2007.

There had been a lot of weekly protests from the locals had been occurring at the airport since the opening of a fourth runway a year previously.

The new runway went into operation on 20 October 2011 officially.

The building of the fourth runway was important due to the new A380 being produced to the market.

After the inauguration of the new runway it was then decided that night flights from 11pm until 5am were not permitted.

I lived from 2001 until 2017 not 25 miles from the airport.

Not only Eastleigh / Southampton Airport has problem in going with the times, others have also had problems.

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