I was pleased to see, after months of campaigning by Green groups, Southampton City council has decided not to support the local airports bid to get bigger.

It is now left to Eastleigh council to make a decision by the ruling Liberal Democrats.

They should be reminded that if they make the decision to expand they will be causing some 100,000 people to suffer from additional noise pollution, air pollution and extra traffic pollution.

Worse still help accelerate climate change.

They will have to justify to voters for years to come why they thought the local populations should put up with this extra nuisance.

Further they should be reminded that expanding airports is against the Lib Dems national policy.

I point out again that you do not build airports in the middle of populations, you build them away from towns where they wont cause such problems. In other words this is the wrong place for an airport.

Now that we have elections happening in May, if Liberal Democrats want to be elected to Southampton council.

Maybe their chums in Eastleigh need to think about rejecting the airport expansion plans.

Ron Meldrum

Green Party