THE RECENT announcement that Southampton City Council is committed to rebuilding the current Bitterne Leisure centre and library is very welcome news.

This is an opportunity to offer residents on the east of the city whether in Peartree, Bitterne, Bitterne Park, Harefild, Sholing and Woolston, a health and wellbeing hub to be proud off.

It will house the most modern of facilities and residents will in the coming months have an opportunity to have their say for additional facilities such as an indoor play area.

This is a great opportunity to revitalise the Bitterne district centre because the opportunity to access a new swimming pool, library and other facilities will surely benefit the local shopping district as well by encouraging increased footfall.

The is all part of Labour’s plan for a fairer, greener and healthier city.

Eamonn Keogh

Southampton City Councillor and candidate for the Peatree Ward