MANY readers may not be aware that since last March, abortion clinics have been allowed to send women the pills needed for a medical abortion in the post, following a phone consultation.

Thus, for nearly a year, thousands of women have been carrying out their own abortions at home, without ever being seen by a medical professional.

I am very concerned about home abortions and opinion polling shows that I am not alone.

A poll of 1,046 adults in England during December 2020 on behalf of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children found that seven in ten adults in England (71%) say they are concerned about women having a medical abortion at home after a phone or video consultation with a doctor.

Even more significantly, medical professionals have the same concerns.

A new poll, also carried about by SavantaComres, shows that a majority of GPs (57%) are worried about the policy.

Digging deeper into the findings, a staggering 86% are concerned about women being coerced into abortion under the telemedicine system.

Highlighting the scandals around the pills being sent to women late into pregnancy, 86% of GPs say they are concerned about women having a medical abortion past the legal limit of ten weeks into gestation.

Anyone who shares these concerns should make them known to their MP.

At-home abortion was introduced as a temporary measure in March 2020.

Now the Government is considering making this permanent.

Such a significant change should not be slipped through unopposed – especially when it is opposed both by the public and by GPs . At-home, or DIY abortion, must end immediately.

Liz Childs-Clarke

St. Denys