I AM sure some of you will think, 'oh no not him again'.

As a lot of you already know, I was born here in Burley and now an OAP, still living in the family home.

My point this time is the change seen just in my life time.

Where has a lot of the once prominent wildlife in the New Forest gone?

I remember when we had loads of rabbits, more squirrels, hedgehogs, more sightings of badgers and foxes.

Deer use to live in the forest, but now want to come into gardens.

We all know birds are disappearing and butterflies.

On top of that, trees are dying in their thousands and garden shrubs.

I believe part of the problem has to be pollution of the air and contamination of the rain. In turn the oceans.

Please therefore explain how creating Freeports will solve the continuing destruction of our countryside.

The New Forest (south) is trapped between Southampton and BCP to the east.

We are now not going to get any funding from the EU towards rural protection.

I will remind readers, that it was calculated, after receiving our then rebates etc, it was costing each individual here just a few pence a day, as full members.

Now much is it now going to cost us, outside of the EU?

Over to you.

Richard Grant