I WONDER what you, Ron Meldrum, know of the history of Southampton


Try reading Wikipedia and learn about the history which you

don't seem to know much about and most probably are not even from

this area.

Sorry if you think I am being rude but you shouldn't be thinking

of the rich but the population in general.

In 1909 it was a meadow belonging to North Stoneham Farm for


During the 20th Century it has had multiple employments.

The US during World War I, a refuge camp, the Royal Airforce before

and during the second World War. In the1950's cross-channel car ferry.

The foundation for the regional airport was in 1959 building the concrete

runway in 1963.

Southampton now has an asphalt runway.

At one time there were three runways. Southampton Airport has cut back since the 1960's.

During the1900's the amount of aircraft were quiet sometimes louder and the engineers are working on making the aircraft quieter.

There are even talks of eventually attempting to run an aircraft on electricity.

Southampton Airport was not built in the middle of a population.

Eastleigh was a lot smaller at the beginning of the 20th Century.

Planners made the mistake of selling land and letting the population build in the flight path.

It doesn't matter where in the world an airport is built there will always be eventual complications.

Persons like yourself may be able to afford a house, an expensive car

and fly on holiday once, twice or even three times a year.

It is always the same, those who own properties are the first to complain about a change.

Others who are only capable of living in a flat have to scrape and save

for a holiday abroad maybe once every five to ten years.

If you move the airport what about the costs and the same problem will occur maybe 20 years later.

Southampton airport is also important for the Channel Isles.

John Cooper