Once again we see Ron Meldrum of the green party peddling misinformation in his increasingly desperate attempt to force thousands more people into unemployment, he repeatedly refers to the building of an airport when all that is requested is allowing the historic local airport to remain viable in the modern world.

I have previously tried to make it clear that the airport was built in an area surrounded by open land many years ago.

The Spitfire was famously developed and tested there helping us to victory in the Battle of Britain, thank God

Ron wasn't around then with his schemes to close everything.

It is not the fault of the airport that it's surroundings have been developed over the years that is down to the local councils at the time.

The people who are apparently complaining about noise were aware when they moved in that they were under the airport flight path.

So thousands of local people will be praying this week that Eastleigh councillors see sense and support

Jobs and livelihoods behalf of there constituents.

G J Fox