CAMPAIGNERS have thanked councillors for refusing Southampton Airport's runway extension plans.

Yesterday, after almost 17 hours of debate, plans to extend the runway at Southampton Airport were rejected.

Members of the Eastleigh Local Area Committee voted 5 to 3 against the application and now a final decision will be made at a full council meeting on April 8.

Airport Expansion Opposition (AXO) have now thanked the committee for its refusal of planning permission.

An AXO spokesperson said: "We thank all the councillors, from ELAC and beyond, for their hard work and diligence.

"It was heartening to hear how many councillors, and people now put climate change at the top of their list of priorities."

At the meeting, chair of the committee, Cllr Tina Campbell said: "It is really important to save people's livelihoods and at the same time it is really important to recognise we are in a climate emergency we need to demonstrate real leadership here."

After the meeting, Southampton Airport bosses were "disappointed" with the outcome.

Steve Szalay, Operations Director, added: "This is far from over" and is now looking ahead to the meeting on April 8.