A MIDWIFE who came to the rescue of a mum who had been separated from her new baby has been nominated for the Hampshire Hero Awards 2021.

Southampton based midwife, Megan Rayner was nominated by Beth George of Salisbury after her baby, Remy, was transferred to a different hospital because of a life-threatening defect that required surgery.

Remy was born with a malrotation of the bowel which is when the bowel doesn’t form correctly in the womb and causes blockages.

At a day old, Remy was transferred to Southampton’s Princess Anne Hospital for treatment.

Due to the pandemic, Beth was separated from her newborn so her partner, Luke Curtis got in touch with Megan, a distant relative because he was concerned.

Beth said: “Hours later, I took a phone call that said if I didn’t consent to surgery my baby would die and I needed to prepare for the worst.

“Megan contacted Southampton where she was a midwife and explained my desperate situation.

"I got a lift up there from a family member and, when I arrived, Megan had spoken to those on shift and arranged for me to have a room for the night.”

Her son Remy Curtis is now out of hospital and Beth described Megan as her “guardian angel”.

She said Megan was a great support in the days that followed including buying her vital items she needed during her lunch break.

In return Beth hopes to raise money for the hospital’s NICU unit through a Justgiving campaign.

On April 30 she will be skydiving 15,000ft and has so far raised £1,860 of her £2,000 target.

Beth added: "For me, not having Luke there due to Covid-19 was a nightmare, but they provided me with the support I needed to get through. Everyone there works so hard to help the babies but also the families struggling too. They are amazing people."