A Southampton man who staged a one man protest by parking in front of his local councillor’s house, has described the planned introduction of resident parking permits as “brilliant news.”

Tony Rumsey, 59, of Coxford Drove, claimed residents were often prevented from parking outside their own homes because places are taken up by people working at nearby Southampton University Hospital (UHS).

Following long term disputes with officials, he parked his vehicle outside the home of Labour councillor Tammy Thomas last September, to - in Mr Rumsey’s words - “see how she likes it.”

Tony Rumsey

Tony Rumsey

In response, Councillor Steve Leggett, Cabinet Member for Green City and Place vowed that “new resident parking schemes around UHS [were] due to [start] in early 2021.”

Southampton City Council (SCC) has followed through with this pledge in deciding to make resident permits available in the Maybush area from May 2021.

Mr Rumsey said: “I’ve been waiting for this for ten years - I can get my car back on the road now."

Councillor Tammy Thomas, herself in favour of parking permits, said: “I am told, by many residents, that the parking situation has become unbearable along Coxford Drove and Palm Road.

“Residents have had their cars damaged and even written off because of how little space is left on the roads - I dread to think what would happen if a fire engine needed to get through!

She added: “On the flip side, the people who park there are usually hospital staff, they need somewhere to park too, so I hope we don’t see the problem just moved to another area.”

Southampton City councillor Tammy Thomas

Southampton City councillor Tammy Thomas

A spokesperson for SCC said: “Following a meeting with residents, many of the attendees asked about expanding the permit parking restrictions in the area.

“Permit parking restrictions are now being brought into force in areas where the majority of people were in favour.”

Permits will be available to order from May 1, with restrictions coming into force in June.

The planned permit zone covers Brighside Road, Rowan Close, Alder Road, Palm Road, Coxford Drove, Larch Road , Conifer Road and Olive Road.