YOBS have targeted a popular country damaging fences and smashing glass.

A group of people broke into a garden at Lepe Country Park damaging fencing and smashing a florescent light.

A picnic area has been taped off for safety after being showered in glass.

Damage at Lepe Country Park, New Forest

Damage at Lepe Country Park, New Forest

Following the incident on Friday night, the Lepe Country Park Facebook page posted a statement reading: "We're sad to report that on Friday night we had a group of people who decided to break into our sensory garden and damage our fencing. As well as breaking a florescent light in our shelter resulting in glass falling onto the picnic bench, which we've now had to tape off for safety."

Fans of the park which lies in the New Forest took to social media to voice their anger.

One user commented:"That’s really disappointing and I don’t understand the thought process behind it! the garden is brilliant, great for all the kids and adults alike that visit."

Damage at Lepe Country Park, New Forest

Damage at Lepe Country Park, New Forest

Another added: "This is heartbreaking what is wrong with people?! It's just unbelievable, after all that everyone has been through this past year, still people haven't learned the lessons of being kind and protecting natural resources."

Further down the coast, and on the same night, crowds of youths have flocked to Milford sea front.

When police attended following reports of an attack they found broken glass and rubbish strewn about.

Officers broke up the group of youngsters, however, no one was arrested in connection with the assault.

The Daily Echo has contacted Hampshire Constabulary for more information.