A MINORITY of Eastleigh councillors have rejected the application to extend the runway at Eastleigh airport, and in their wisdom have undoubtedly listened to an outside local council.

A council who in their wisdom have repeatedly refused to build a park and ride facility, have allowed the building of shopping malls that have failed, have demolished a bus station to cause a myriad of on street stands, have failed to encourage the dock authority to provide alongside power for visiting liners,who propose to charge necessary distribution services for the privilege of visiting their acknowledged already polluted city, both noise and CO2, their objections being on the assumption of noise and pollution.

The airport is long established on a site that until the building of Wood’s Mill was saltmarsh, has a railway station on its doorstep and two motorways within minutes, brings wealth in one form or another to the area and brings employment.

One must realize that the airport has been encroached upon by the very public now complaining.

I live within a half mile of the northern end of the runway and I suffer the noise of two motorways 24 hours a day, not for a minute or so that a southbound aircraft winds up its engines.

Support the application.

Alan Dadswell