A TEENAGER who broke into a family home in the dead of night has been sent to a youth detention centre.

Daniel Lovell stole a watch, a pencil case and a pouch of tobacco from the home on Sea View Estate, Netley Abbey, at around 3am on September 21, 2019.

Southampton Crown Court heard that the victim has been left ‘very shaken’ from the break-in.

Prosecution barrister Keely Harvey said that the homeowner, who was retired, had awoken after hearing noise coming from downstairs.

She had shouted down thinking it was her son, but he then emerged from his own room upstairs to answer her calls.

Upon seeing the intruders downstairs, he then chased down the street after them, the court heard, but was unable to catch them.

A victim impact statement read out in court noted: “We have lived in this house since the 1980s and have enjoyed a peaceful time here.

“[But the break in] has left us very shaken and questioning our security.

“I cannot believe that someone has done this.”

Ms Harvey also confirmed that all items, apart from the watch - which was a birthday present , were recovered.

It was heard that Lovell had originally pleaded not guilty to the burglary offence, but he was found guilty as DNA placed him at the scene.

Judge Christopher Parker added that along with the Lovell, the DNA of one other offender had been found following the break-in, but Lovell had ‘refused’ to give police any details.

Mitigating, Lucie Taylor argued that Lovell, of no fixed abode, was “immature” and had come from a broken family.

But HHJ Parker sentenced him to 15 months in a young offenders centre.

Lovell, who was on referral at the time of the offence, had previously been found guilty of battery and obstructing police.