A BUSINESS owner has been left heartbroken after her contract to sell food in a Hampshire village was terminated.

Shoncee Goosey set up her business, The Giddy Goose, during the first national lockdown and has since been selling food and drinks from her food trailer in Netley.

After a 12 week trial, Shoncee secured a one-year contract to trade in the car park of Abbey Hall and says she has since became “very well known” and “loved” in the community.

Now though, Shoncee claims she has been “bullied” out by Hound Parish Council.

At the start of March, the food trailer was vandalised and as a result, it had to be left in the car park until repairs could be made.

The council only allowed the trailer to be parked there at weekends though and soon after Shoncee was notified that the contract had been terminated.

A council spokesperson said: “With sadness, the operator of the mobile catering trailer repeatedly breached the terms of the agreement concerning the use of our premises.

“As a result, in the best interests of the parish and in accordance with our terms and conditions, we took the decision to bring the agreement to an end.”

But now Shoncee says councillors have been “ganging up” on the business, forcing them out which she claims was the wrong way to go about it.

A petition was created to appeal the decision which got almost 300 signatures, but councillors still went ahead with the termination.

Shoncee said everyone has been left “heartbroken” adding that her four staff members are now without jobs.

“I’ve put my absolute heart and soul into this business and I spent almost 30k of my savings to do it.

“I feel like the parish have lost sight of what they’re meant to be there for. They’re not paid, they’re volunteers from the community who are supposed to help and listen to its members which they haven’t.”

Shoncee is now looking at other patches after being told to stop trading at Netley Abbey.