ANOTHER bus has been vandalised with its windows smashed whilst it travelled along a Southampton street.

At around 8.30pm on Tuesday, a Bluestar bus service was attacked by vandals at the junction of Borrowdale Road and Windermere Avenue.

No one was said to have been hurt in the incident but now councillors have claimed that these reoccurring attacks on the city’s buses are “distressing” for passengers and drivers.

This comes after string of similar incidents in the last few months that prompted police to start boarding buses in order to deter anyone from causing further damage.

A police spokesperson said: “We can confirm that we received reports of criminal damage on Tuesday 6 April at the junction of Borrowdale Road and Windermere Avenue.

“The incident occurred at around 8.30pm, where a Blue Star bus window was smashed.”

Now councillors are calling on the community to “come together” to stop this from happening again.

Ward councillor for Millbrook, Steven Galton, said: “It isn’t just a bit of harmless fun. It could cause serious injury or loss of life.

“For anyone who has information, the right thing to do is to get that to the police.

“If you’ve got kids and you know its not them, tell them so that they can tell their friends to help get that message out there.”

Redbridge ward councillor, Lee Whitbread added: “We run the real risk of losing our bus services if these vandals continue. Clearly these incidents are continuing.

“The key to solving the problem in my opinion is residents coming forward with details.”

Anyone with information on the vandalism is being asked to call 101, quoting 44210129546.