AS A long-standing resident of Millbrook and a local Labour campaigner, I am aware that some patients from the Regents Park surgery had to relocate to the Shirley Health Partnership in Grove Road in the past.

We now hear that a patient consultation is taking place for another proposed relocation of the Shirley Health Partnership from Grove Road to the former Lidl supermarket on Shirley Road.

This would mean that some patients will have the uncertainty of possible relocation twice.

I understand that the proposed move is due to the Government not funding the current Grove Road practice to invest in making the necessary changes to improve and adapt the current premises.

For patients who travel from Millbrook to the Grove Road practice, this would take the practice even further away.

While fully supporting all GP practices in offering the most up to date and appropriate services to patients and the wider community, this will cause more uncertainty for some Millbrook residents.

I support the work being carried out by Councillor Dave Shields, the member for Freemantle ward, where the Grove Road surgery is currently located in making sure that this is the right move for the practice and that good use will be made of the vacant site where the practice is currently located.

I would urge all patients of the practice in Grove Road to make sure they participate in the consultation, to get the best outcome for all patients, whether they live in Millbrook, Shirley or Freemantle.

Lisa Fricker