AS lock-down eases and we return to a semblance of normality it is in my view it is important that we invest in local bus service provision.

Unsurprisingly I see a lot of buses each day travelling,or should I say queueing, up Hill Lane.

Mainly in the morning or mid-afternoon, they are not carrying members of the public going about their business or shopping but mostly ferrying students to or from school or college.

If we want to reduce congestion, improve air quality and provide ready access to shopping and businesses a regular, more frequent local bus services is needed.

And to my mind that has to include parts of Upper Shirley that are presently not well served.

We cannot expect residents to hop on a bus which provides at best only an hourly service weekdays and no service in the evenings or on Sundays.

The answer, a joined up and integrated transport plan to #getsouthamptonmoving which can and will be delivered by a Conservative administration.

Andrew Hetherton

Conservative Candidate for the Shirley Ward