I appreciate your correspondent Keith Gulliford expressing his thanks for the highways work at Misslebrook Lane, Chilworth.

He is correct that criticism is more frequent than praise but that is accepted as democracy at work.

I will see his thanks are passed on to the operatives.

Two other people merit thanks, now both sadly deceased.

Cllr Ken Thormber, who preceded me as as Leader of Hampshire CC introduced “Operation Resilience” allocating £10m for a specific annual budget to re-surface roads in addition to the expenditure on pot hole repairs.

This year it has been increased to £15m- still not enough but councils like individuals have to live within their means.

The other person to thank is the late Alison Finlay TVBC councillor for Chilworth, Nursling and Rownhams who regularly raised with me the need for road works in her patch.

Asking for repairs to Misslebrook Lane was the very last email she sent to me urging it be re-surfaced.

We got it scheduled into Operation Resilience.

I am sure she is smiling looking down on the work now done.

Roy Perry

(Retiring County Councillor for Romsey Rural)