SO THE airport has permission to expand and the opposition seem in many instances to fail to see the illogicality of their own arguments.

The airport, it is claimed, will increase pollution locally and this will affect an increase in the number of those affected in the next few years of some 20,000 people.

From which hat this number has been plucked has not been disclosed, however this is not the fault of the airport but of the population increase and the planners and surely these numbers will themselves create their own pollution with both noise car use and congestion.

Another letter claims a massive increase in flights in the early hours contradicting claims that the noise will affect their afternoon use of their gardens.

There will be constraints on the total number of flights and aircraft using the airport and if they fly early in the morning then they cannot be present throughout the day.

Incidentally, a larger aircraft does not equate with more noise and pollution, the modern jet is quieter than the turboprop and certainly quieter for instance than 'the little yellow aeroplane' of late.

Alan Dadswell