THREE cheers for Andrew Hetherton, the Conservative candidate for Shirley, for his letter (Sat Apr 10th) about the need to invest in bus services to #getsouthamptonmoving.

I agree with everything he said, until his last paragraph.

As someone once said, don’t look in the crystal ball when you can look in the history books.

Doing so will show you that the 1963 MacMillan Government implemented the Beeching cuts to the railway, forcing rural and suburban communities to depend on buses and cars, the Thatcher Government of 1985 deregulated our bus services and led to the loss of thousands of routes so that private companies could make a profit, and the Major Government of 1994 privatised British Rail, thus completing the Conservative Party’s task of totally destroying any chance of a joined up and integrated transport system.

They say God loves a repentant sinner.

If Andrew is that repentant sinner, let’s hope he can persuade the rest of his party to ditch its ideological opposition to public transport and reverse the devastation it has wrought on our buses and trains.

If we genuinely do invest in our bus services we might still manage to achieve Andrew’s aim and #getsouthamptonmoving.

Siobhan O’Rourke

Netley Abbey