Bushes, a portable toilet and a bin have been torched in a spate or arsons in Southampton.

In the last few weeks, bushes in woodland's next to Aldermoor Park and Sinclair School have been set alight.

A portable toilet in a car park at Lordshill District Centre and a wheelie bin full of rubbish in the underpass under Lordshill Way were also ignited.

Hampshire Fire and Rescue were called to each incident to extinguish fires.

Now an investigation has been launched after the string of arson attacks.

Officers claim that in the majority of the incidents, children aged between 12 and 14 were seen nearby.

Patrols have now been increased in these areas and residents are being asked to keep their "eyes peeled" for groups with lighters or items capable of causing fire.

A police spokesperson said: "Fire is extremely dangerous and can quickly get out of control. The heat and toxic smoke can kill very quickly.

"If the wildlife in the woodland could talk, they would probably ask that their lives and homes not be destroyed by these acts of destruction.

"Neighbourhood Officers are working with Hampshire Fire and Rescue and the local schools to tackle this problem."