A SOUTHAMPTON restaurant that lost its licence following a breach of Covid rules has reopened under new management.

Ceno Bar and Restaurant in Highfield Lane has reopened as lockdown restriction eased yesterday.

The news comes as the venue was stripped of its licence in January this year after a police report revealed that about 15 people were found "drinking" at the site on November 27 last year - when the country was under the second national lockdown.

But Southampton City Council, which previously decided to revoke the premises licence following the breach of Coronavirus regulation, has confirmed that a new licence has been granted to a new management team.

Ceno Bar and Restaurant also confirmed that the site is now open.

In a statement the city council said: "On Tuesday 26 January 2021, a decision was made at the Licensing (Licensing and Gambling) Sub-Committee to revoke the premises license for Cenos Bar and Restaurant on Highfield Lane following breaches of the Coronavirus regulations.

"Since then the licence holder who was also the Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS) has, other than remaining as a shareholder, removed themselves from any involvement in the business. A new licence holder who knows the business has applied for a premises licence and to be the new DPS. The relevant authorities have examined this application closely and are satisfied the previous licence holder will have no influence on the management of the premises and the new applicant is competent. Under the terms of the licensing act the application was advertised and no representations have been made and therefore the licence has to be granted.

"This is a new licence, the previous licence has not been reinstated. The relevant authorities will monitor the premises to ensure compliance with all relevant legislation and conditions."

According to the council, a new licence was granted on April 9. Ceno declined to comment any further.