THE local election candidates for Southampton have been revealed.

On Thursday, May 6, residents will head to the polls to elect city councillors.

It comes as a third of the 48 seats at Southampton City Council are up for grabs.

Here is a list of the election candidates ward by ward.

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COX Joe - Green Party

HENRY Graham Michael - Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

PAFFEY Darren James - Labour and Cooperative Party

PEREZ-STOREY Charles - The Conservative Party Candidate

ROSE Kim - Hampshire Independents

SMITH Josh - Liberal Democrats


BLACKMAN Richard - Liberal Democrat

GORE Steve - Green Party

HANNIDES John Michael - Local Conservatives

MARX Mike - Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

MINTO Ashley Mark - Labour Party


CHOPRA Vijay- Liberal Democrat

DENNESS Mike - Labour Party

DOWSE Michaela - Local Conservatives

KAZINGIZI Larry - Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

MELDRUM Ronald Nicholas- Green Party

SHAHID Sam - Independent


CLIFTON-MELHUISH Alex - Liberal Democrats

FRAMPTON Andy - Labour Party

MAGEE Matt - The Conservative Party Candidate

MAWLE Michael Charles John - Green Party


ADEBAYO Debbie - Liberal Democrats

BLUEMEL Lindsi - Green Party

UGWOEME Victoria Onyinyechi - Labour Party

WHITE Ivan William - The Conservative Party Candidate


CHAPMAN Sam Philip - Liberal Democrat

FORD Amanda Jane - Labour Party

FRICKER Maggie - Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

GALTON Diana June - Local Conservatives

HAWES Joelle Marie - Green Party


BEAL Andrew Thomas - Liberal Democrat

CHENG Vikkie - Local Conservatives

CLARKE Catherine Bernadette- Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

CRAWFORD Laura Louise - Green Party

IRELAND Guy - Reform UK

SHIELDS David Andrew - Labour and Cooperative Party


BAILLIE Peter Andrew - The Conservative Party Candidate

BLUEMEL Chris - Green Party

LLOYD Alan - Labour and Cooperative Party

MCDOUGALL Catriona - Liberal Democrats


BEAN Jonathan Simon - Green Party

FRICKER Lisa Marie - Labour and Cooperative Party

MCGEORGE Nicholas Dudley - Liberal Democrat

MOULTON Jeremy Richard - Local Conservatives


FENNER Bevis Ancel - Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

KEOGH Eamonn Francis - Labour Party

NAISH Robert William - Liberal Democrats

NEWEY Rosanna Elizabeth - Green Party

PAYNE Joshua Paul - The Conservative Party Candidate


BARBOUR Katherine Jane - Green Party

READ James Arnold - Liberal Democrat

SAVAGE John - Labour Party

SMITH Calvin Terry - Local Conservatives

TWINE Tony - Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition


COOK Kathryn Barbara - Green Party

GUEST Amanda Jane - Local Conservatives

STOKES Simon David - Liberal Democrat

WHITBREAD Lee Keith - Labour Party

WYATT Peter Michael - Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition


CHALONER Mark - Labour Party

HETHERTON Andrew - Local Conservatives

HOWE Andrew David - Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

MCDOUGALL Colin Stuart - Liberal Democrat

MUNDELL Lucy Michelle - Green Party


BAILLIE James Edward - The Conservative Party Candidate

CLUNE Declan Peter - Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

DAUNCEY Roland - Liberal Democrats

FULLAWAY Elaine Mary - Labour Party

MAKRAKIS Helen Mary - Green Party


CHAFFEY Nick - Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

COTTON Angela Mary - Green Party

MINTOFF Sharon Elizabeth - Labour and Cooperative Party

VASSILIOU Spiros - Local Conservatives

WOOD Sarah Louise - Liberal Democrat


ATKINS Sue -  Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

BLATCHFORD Sue - Labour Party

BLEACH Colin Anthony - Liberal Democrats

HILLMAN Clive George - Green Party

STEAD Rob - The Conservative Party Candidate