HOW nice of Eastleigh Borough Council to vote in favour of the airport extension, when most of noise will be suffered by residents of Southampton – Townhill Park, Bitterne Park, Woolston.

Obviously, do they care?

Also, given that all of the south’s airports have suffered major decline in traffic and job losses, Gatwick especially, and even the most optimistic of aviation experts think it will be between two to five years before we return to 2019 passenger levels (if we ever do), why the hurry by Southampton to enlarge?

Yes, it might bring jobs, but at a cost to the environment.

The proposal was based on passenger growth and development that pre-dated Covid.

Wouldn’t it have been more wise of Eastleigh council to have held off a decision until at least we have a better picture how the aviation industry is going?

Their decision is premature and lacking in forethought, as well as being a very unpopular one with thousands of local residents who will now face more noise – perhaps unlike the Eastleigh councillors who voted in favour?

Garth Groombridge