We are expected to believe that ‘The Greta Statue’ represents the Winchester University’s commitment to sustainability.

Can this be the same organisation that chops down mature trees and covers open spaces with concrete and steel constructions?

Is this the same educational establishment that has so enormously expanded its ‘business’ in recent years that the town is now swamped with students so that locals have nowhere to live?

Presumably more ‘bums on seats’ means greater revenues for the college exchequer, but the result has been proposals like Royaldown, and the council cramming more so-called ‘affordable housing’ (they’re not) onto every scrap of land they own.

The uni appears to absolve themselves of the activities of their students - they do not discourage them from bringing cars into the city despite the pollution problems we are told about, and the students themselves seem unconcerned about rampant consumerism if the piles of empty bottles, takeaway cartons, and mail order boxes left littering the outside of the HMOs in this area are anything to judge by.

Clearly, the sustainability message has not got through to them.

I wonder how Greta Thunberg feels (if she has even been asked) about her bronze effigy being placed outside a monolithic construction devoted (it seems to me) to mammon....and hypocrisy!

Carolyn Bullen