A NINE-month-old puppy stolen from a loving family in London has been spotted at a Southampton 'car meet'.

On January 20, Ivy, a now nine-month-old lilac merle bulldog, was stolen from a family home in Kentish Town, London.

Jo Powell, Ivy's owner, told the Daily Echo that the puppy has a medical condition and requires an opperation for her sight as well as medication.

Jo said: "Ivy was almost seven-months-old when stolen and is now nine-months-old.

"She has a condition which requires an operation for save her sight.

"When stolen, they obviously they didn’t care to take her medication and she doesn’t seem to have been taken to a vets to this day so will be suffering terribly."

The family have launched a social media, TV, and radio appeal, but Ivy still remains missing.

However, it is now believe the pup has been spotted in Southampton.

During the late afternoon of Good Friday, April 2, a lady - who wishes to remain anonymous - spotted a dog that looked similar to Ivy at Mayflower Park.

The dog was spotted with a young girl who appeared to be a "car meet" hosted in the park.

The dog was being held in a blue customised Mini.

Jo continued: "A lovely, kind lady called with the possibility she'd seen Ivy at Southampton docks on Good Friday late afternoon, she was being held in a blue turquoise Mini customised car.

"It was in Mayflower Park carpark near the water side at the end near the docked cruise ship.

"There seemed to be a meet of customised cars and young people showing them off, approximately around ten to sixteen cars in total.

"The young girl in question was very cagey regarding the dog when our witness was trying to engage with her about the dog, she didn’t know her name, age or breed and tried to conceal her in the car until the lady left the area."

Now Jo and her family are appealing for any information to help find their beloved dog.

Anyone with any information is asked to call 07725 149705.