AFTER BEING a customer of Barclays for 40 years I received a letter on Friday informing me that the Shirley branch is closing on July 6.

During the last four years the Shirley branch has closed its cashier posts, replacing them with online machines leaving only one cashier to deal with customers.

Although another bank employee would help some customers if possible with using online machines, this of course has created queues and makes banking with them as difficult as possible.

Customers have been coerced through frustration and pressure to use online banking.

However, many people like the personal service of face to face contact, especially the older generation.

Barclays has closed 540 branches since 2006 and this number is increasing annually.

Indeed Southampton, with a population of 250,000, now has only one Barclays bank, situated in the town centre.

I would advice all the customers of Shirley to switch their accounts to Nationwide of another bank in Shirley.

Nationwide has a commitment to keeping its branches open.

It provides several tellers and it is very easy to open an account and switch all payments in and out of your account.

It also gets all the benefits I have with Barclays, travel insurance, car assistance cover, cash access machines, etc.

To help officers, they advise using post offices.

I believe it is Barclays absolute greed for profit and their reasons for closure are a smoke screen.

People must protest by using other banks in their immediate area by using the current account switching service.

Tony Cornick Maybush