Residents across Basingstoke were shocked when a loud bang that sounded like ‘a sonic boom’ shook through homes in Popley.

Neighbours came out onto the streets at around 6.55pm on Thursday when a noise took them by surprise.

A video sent in by Adam Cousin, captured the moment via a doorbell camera from Burgess Road.

The time stamp on the footage shows the bang at 18.56pm with Adam claiming he heard two loud bangs shortly after he left his house.

Greth Caulfield said: “I heard the load bang in penton way. Sounded like a sonic boom from a jet." 

One resident speculated: “I've heard a few people saying there was a deep loud bang similar to when buildings have been exploded in the past.

"A few people are describing it as possibly a sonic boom however I have Flight Radar Tracker and there have been no military jets going over today."

Another resident added: "All my neighbours came out of their houses and all the homes shook, mainly the floors. Quite scary. And then there was a massive flock of birds across the sky."

Mystery still surrounds the cause of the bang but reports of a bomb disposal unit on Carpenters Down proved incorrect, contrary to posts on social media.