RESIDENTS have raised concerns that a new development could be planned after new road signs referred to a place that doesn’t exist.

MP for Eastleigh, Paul Holmes, wrote to Eastleigh Borough Council last week after road signs for a place called “Allington” were installed along Allington Lane in Eastleigh.

Residents are said to have contacted the MP concerned since the signs went up about the possibility of a new development in the area.

Although Allington doesn’t currently exist, Paul Holmes has claimed that development plans were previously considered by the council on this site as part of “Option D” of the Local Plan for the borough.

Leader of the council, Cllr Keith House, said however: “Paul Holmes needs to stop creating fake news and act responsibly.”

In a response to the MP’s letter, the council leader said that the council is “opposed” to development West of Allington Lane, adding that the council has already instructed that the signs, that were developed to county council specifications, are altered to remove the word “Allington”.

Mr Holmes, said: “Many residents are very concerned by this proposal and so am I.

“We know the council considered this site as an option future development as part of the local plan.

“I want clear assurances from the Council that this will not be going ahead, either now or in future.”

The signage referred to by the MP was located in two places at the entrance to the new One Horton Heath development.

It is also claimed that smaller road signs with “Allington” marked with them have also been installed recently.

Mr Holmes continued: “I don’t believe that this development would be right for the area, especially when the council are already taking forward plans for 2,500 houses at One Horton Heath.

“This could be almost 6,000 houses in total on Allington Lane. However, if they are developing plans, this information needs to be made available to the public.