AS WE slowly begin to emerge into some semblance of our former "normality" we would like to give our sincere thanks to all those who have worked through it all.

We are in our eighties, and at the start of the first lockdown had offers from several of our kind neighbours to do our shopping.

However some of you may understand our wish to remain as independent and mobile for as long as possible.

So we thank the postal sorters and post men and women who delivered our mail.

Without the bus drivers we couldn't have been able to get our shopping, not having a car.

We have mostly shopped at Sainsbury's in Portswood, and Lidl on Banister Road.

We have found the staff in both stores unfailingly kind and courteous, whilst making sure we are correctly masked, and distancing.

All of the above have made our lives more manageable, and we thank them sincerely.

Cherille and John White