I wonder how much longer the American people are prepared to put up with the epidemic of slaughter that they regular have on their streets.

There was an old western TV series called 'Gun Law' which was based on the mid 19th century wild west. Sadly, you could make it now and the title would still be apt for modern day USA.

Whether it is shooters with a grudge like the Fed Ex massacre shooter or police pulling their guns with or without ample reason, the common denominator is the easy access to guns that pervades every corner of American society.

The excuses given by ordinary Americans often such as, I enjoy hunting and that's why I keep guns, maybe you can see this because the US still has much rural territory but most Americans are urban dwellers who basically keep guns because other people do and they might use them on me.

There has to be a major mental shift by the American people themselves that says enough is enough, we must ditch our guns to stop this slaughter.

But this is still unlikely and as usual probably nothing will be done.

The gun situation is not only a physical problem but it has become an ideological and political battle between the so called left and right to add to the mix of reasons for gun culture.

The USA as a country is still very young it has not had the centuries of social change that the old world has and can be excused for some of the problems that we see but in reality, it is no longer the Wild West there is not a hostile around every corner and until the majority accept this the slaughter will continue.

Paddy Maxwell