SOUTHAMPTON Crematorium has made a £10,000 donation to a hospital charity in honour of one brave little boy.

Friends of PICU was nominated by members of the crematorium’s Bereavement Team, following the death in 2020 of 11-year-old Harlee Steele, grandson of Service Manager Heather White.

Southampton Crematorium, which is run by Southampton City Council, raised the money through its recycling of metals scheme, bringing the total donated to charities to £58,000.

Harlee’s mum, Fern Steele, spoke on behalf of herself and her husband Ryan. She said: “In June 2020 our world was suddenly turned upside down, when we had to say goodbye to our smiley, caring, beautiful son Harlee who was just 11 years old. It was such a devastating time and me and my family would like to thank the staff in PICU for how supportive and caring they were to us all.

"Even though the staff knew that there was nothing more they could do to help Harlee, each one of them came into the room and spoke to Harlee, telling him who they were, what they were doing with the machines and when moving him they showed such compassion. The lovely idea of providing hand printing and making sure they got all the colours that Harlee’s brother and sister wanted was so thoughtful. We really can’t thank you all enough for the way you looked after Harlee.”

Founded in November 2006 by parents and nursing staff of the city's paediatric intensive care unit, Friends of PICU has grown due to the generous donations from all their supporters, and the recognised great care given by the PICU team.

Friends of PICU are very proud to have funded the expansion of PICU to 16 beds as well as providing dedicated PICU ambulances, equipment, staff training, and craft materials.