I was interested to read the letter last week from the anonymous “Disgusted" of Romsey.

Despite seeing police numbers cut drastically since 2010, the writer disagreed with a previous correspondent’s comments that our police lack resources and are underfunded.

In fact he considered that the reason we have problems with crime lies with our police not being deployed correctly.

The logic Mr D deployed here was truly satirical.

After complaining that “they always go around in pairs” he griped that they are "rarely seen on any local beat" as they drive around in cars monitoring speed.

He went on to suggest that youths on motorcycles could be caught by police on bicycles.

Perhaps Mr D proposes a new fitness regime for our cycling bobbies, which they could undertake while monitoring the newly installed CCTV feeds he recommends on their smart phones.

The icing on the cake was his complaint that our police are not accountable locally, before immediately criticising the upcoming election for our Hampshire Police and Crime Commissioner.

Ironically he thought this a waste of time and assumed it was to be someone predetermined despite asking "when and who are we expected to vote”.

On reflection, something I would agree with Mr D on is a need for change.

We should remember that the Conservatives currently control HCC, TVBC, and our Police and Crime Commissioner.

I will leave it to Mr D to decide who will bring about the change we need, but the opportunity to cast that vote is on May 6.

I would recommend we all vote.

Kevin Lindley