I really thought Ralph Hasenhuttl was going to be the manager to take the Saints to the next level.

But the way we have dropped away in the league and the way we went out of the cup it seems there is something very wrong within the club.

It all seemed to start going wrong when all this talk about certain players wanting away which seems to be a never ending thing at the club.

We seem to be a club that gets the best out of players but once we have done that they want away to bigger clubs.

It is a real pity that someone with real money behind them never bought the club because then the players who said they wanted moves to win things could had stayed here and won things.

The way we played against WBA and the way we played in the cup it seems the joy out of just playing has gone in some certain players, so maybe it is best if they were sold on because it is no good keeping unhappy players.

But if this new super league comes about football will be dead anyway as only the super rich clubs will survive.

Shirley Saint