It seems that the Lib Dems are falling into double standards.

The party has declared a climate emergency and called on the government to stop all airport expansion, yet as reported (Lib Dem leader Ed Davey backs council over Southampton Airport plans) leader Sir Ed Davey seems to support the growth of Southampton Airport.

This project would be severely damaging to the lives of the 46,000 people who live under the runway flight path.

The airport is surrounded by housing so the local effects of noise and air pollution would be huge.

An increase in capacity at Southampton Airport would also fly in the face of any commitment made by the council, the Lib Dems, and the UK government to address the climate crisis that is already ruining lives everywhere.

Sir Ed Davey doesn’t appear to be fully informed of the issues surrounding the planned airport expansion in Southampton.

We invite him to read AXO Southampton’s Myth Buster, and to see if he still supports these disastrous and climate-wrecking plans.

Lyn Brayshaw