A WILDLIFE TV presenter has told of his anger after an area of meadow was “mowed down” in Southampton.

Photos have emerged on social media showing a barren field after a “meadow area” of Southampton Golf Course was “destroyed”.

Chris Packham has told of his anger following the revelation, and others are concerned about the wildlife that lived in the area.

However, Southampton City Council has said that the action was made as part of “essential maintenance work” in preparation of the courses’ reopening. 

They say the area that has is a practice field, that has not been used for the last four months while the course was closed.

The Tweets claim that the area was mowed down by Southampton City Council recently, and has raised questions among residents.

One local said on Twitter: "[Southampton City Council's] contribution to Earth Day was to mow the meadow area next to the golf course driving range.

"There was a huge patch of ladies smock & now less resilient to drought, the orange tip butterflies that were there are gone and any eggs they've laid won't hatch."

Also taking to the platform, Chris Packham added: "Can I ask the relevant department at [SCC] what the bloody hell this is about.

!Wake up! People have! They don’t want their green spaces destroyed and their biodiversity ravaged.

"It beggars belief - get a grip , get organised and help not hinder nature’s recovery."

A spokesperson from Southampton City Council said: “Following a mutual agreement with Mytime Active, the running of Southampton Golf Course returned to Southampton City Council on 1 April 2021. 

“We will manage the course sympathetically and our ecology team will increase the biodiversity of the site through woodland management and the introduction of more wildflowers. Recent essential tree maintenance around the course has enabled us to open up some areas of the woodland that we can coppice and provide better habitats.

"We have also commissioned a drainage survey which will help us manage and divert water to create new wildlife areas in the site whilst also improving the playability of the golf course.

"It is a challenge to balance the needs of people, recreation and nature but we are making significant progress. 

"We are committed to protecting and enhancing our natural environment. As part of our Green City Plan launched in 2020, we will plant an additional 25 wildflower meadows across the city by 2025. 

"We already have over 70 areas dedicated to native wildflowers and have planted an additional six areas this year including around the Civic Centre and Redbridge roundabout. 

"Our team are working to identify other areas where we can improve biodiversity and support nature to thrive in our city."