A LETTER has been sent to Southampton City Council requesting the use of Southampton Common as Parkrun is set to return.

On Tuesday, Parkrun UK wrote to 600 landowners across the country including Southampton requesting permission to return 5k events from June 5.

The organisation says "the time is now right" for the popular events to return after having "significant success" restarting the junior 2k event series.

It added that the evidence shows that the mental and physical health benefits of walking, jogging, running or volunteers at Parkrun are "incredibly high" and says that "the time is now right" for the return.

In its letters to authorities up and down the country it has now requested a sensible and speedy response as it looks to reopen its events.

Event Director of Southampton Parkrun, Rob Kelly, said he is "really optimistic" that a positive decision will be made by local authorities in response to the letter that have been sent out.

He added: "Outdoor transmission is extremely low and that's been proven scientifically and I think the countries ready now to move on and get active again and one of the best ways to combat Covid is physical and mental exercise.

"Now is the right time. We're in a much better place now in terms of transmission and the vaccine.

"People have realised they are really missing something and how much they've missed it and I think we could again be pretty popular and successful throughout the country, not just here in Southampton."

In the UK, an average of 200,000 people took part in Parkruns each week before they were forced to stop due to the pandemic.

Parkrun UK also claimed it has approval and support from the Minister of Sport, Nigel Huddleston MP, the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Support as well as Sport England and public health experts.