THIS COMING council election is going to be one of the most important that the people of Southampton has ever had to face in many years, as we come out of the pandemic lockdown we all have to chose a steadfast and true course of action.

Not one that is going to snarl up and hold us back from normality.

The current Labour council has preached the gospel of climate change and pollution, that is all well and good if the economy, is strong enough but not now, we have to replace all those jobs that have been destroyed over the last 16 months of lock down.

The transport system has to be modernised especially park and ride facilities that this Labour council has been so reluctant to provide, all we have witnessed is closed roads unused cycle lanes with many cyclists abusing the ones that have been installed.

We now have another menace on the roads and pavements souped up electric scooters some reaching 30 miles per hour or more.

How long will it be before some child gets killed in this city, because of scooter hooligans with no controls in place?

We have to rid our city of these worthless cycle lanes that will add to a horrendous congestion of vehicles on main arterial roads into Southampton, Bitterne and Avenue routes being the worst.

Over the years we have lost so much Sotonian culture - the heart and soul all destroyed one way or another by the two main political parties.

The Southampton show, ice rink, carnival, the tall ships, hot air-ballons, speedway, dog racing, Top Rank ballroom and the glorious Royal Pier being left to rot for years.

The Woke Society is trying to destroy the cruise ship terminals and even the Southampton Airport.

The only culture we have left now is a student one.

Finally, I thank the city council for bringing back our beloved Bargate lions, now we have the undercoat on them when are they going to be painted black as they should be, not some half baked story about that being the original colour?

David J Hacking