Today, I witnessed three children on a hire scooter, they were aged between 9 -11 and were clearly having a great time.

They came down Burgess Road, looked as if they were turning left, but then changed direction and went right, crossing the junction in front of traffic lights and an adjacent lane which they joined.

They displayed zero road sense or inclination to view other traffic travelling along High Road as they joined the lane.

Sitting in my car there was a feeling of great anxiety for their wellbeing unable as I was to do anything to affect the situation.

Thankfully, all traffic was at a standstill but an accident is going to happen on this basis.

Despite my anxiety, I am completely in favour of the hire scooters dotted around the area, they seem to give a lot of pleasure to users.

However, the children I saw were copying adults who ride their scooters on both the road and the pavement.

It is unclear which option the scooters are for.

If the road, there either needs to be licensing, a road test or a cycling proficiency style training course to attend.

If the pavement, the primary rule must be that pedestrians come first and scooters second.

The children that I saw were only copying the adults they had seen.

Best keep scooters off the roads and a stiff fine for anyone leasing, or permitting,the use of a scooter to anyone under the age of 16.

Neville Jacob