IT RANKLES with me that Southampton think the airport belongs to them.

It is not in Southampton, and was re-named after a claim by Southampton council that no one knows where Eastleigh is when they grabbed the airport by getting the then owners to change the name to theirs.

It has been suggested it now be renamed Benny Hill International, because he was born in Southampton.

Let’s be clear, the airport is Eastleigh’s so how about doing the right thing, I propose Eastleigh Spitfire International Airport.

If Liverpool have John Lennon Airport, and Belfast, George Best Airport as famous sons born in those cities, then the birth of the Spitfire flying from Eastleigh Airport in 1936 is OUR world renowned claim to fame.

Eastleigh is proud of The Spitfire, even the local football team, Eastleigh FC are nicknamed after the legendary Spitfire, so why not OUR airport too.

Keith Field