I AM attempting to contact David Charles Winnington Crossley from Southampton.

We served together as Inspectors in the Royal Hong-Kong Police Force during the nineteen-seventies.

He had previously served in the Hampshire Constabulary, and I in the Liverpool City Police, and after an amalgamation, the Liverpool and Bootle Constabulary.

We were close friends during our time in Hong-Kong, and shared many exiting adventures together both on and off-duty.

On many occasions I have wondered what career he pursued after returning home, and now time is becoming short.

I am 75 years of age, so David also will be about the same. I believe he had a younger sister.

Would it be possible please for you to have a small piece inserted into your publication asking for David (or anyone who knew him), to contact me in this regard?

Incidentally, it was because of David that I learned the local names for our football teams share the same name, 'Saints'.

Southampton is referred to as a 'soccer' club hereabouts, our 'Saints', is a Rugby League team.

Anyone with information can contact me on rogerkilshaw@hotmail.co.uk

Roger F Kilshaw MA

St Helens