THE Conservatives have set out their priorities as they are set to run Southampton City Council.

Cllr Dan Fitzhenry, the leader of the Conservatives, said his priority will be delivering on the manifesto's pledges.

It comes as the Tories took control of the city council after nine years, gaining seven seats in this years's elections.

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Shortly after the announcement of the final results on Saturday afternoon, Cllr Fitzhenry listed a number of measures his group will look to put in place "immediately".

These include freezing council tax in their first year in office, beginning work to create 1,000 parking spaces across council estates, removing the bus lane on Bitterne Road West, tackling fly-tipping.

Among the Tories's pledges there are also plans to scrap evening parking charges in the city centre.

Cllr Fitzhenry said: "Our plan is very much in play. We'll get on and deliver those things as quickly as we can. The first thing we will be doing for the city will be to implement our plan of removing the bus lane in Bitterne and reviewing the transport set- ups that have been put forward by the previous Labour council. Those things will be done immediately."

Talking about his priorities, he added: "Our priority for this year is about getting Southampton moving, recovering from this pandemic. What does that mean? Freezing council tax but more just about restoring pride in Southampton, just getting people feel a sense of love and pride in their city again. On the doorstep people have said we just feel like our city has been neglected and now what we want to do is to get out there and deliver some stuff for people as soon as we can."

He also pledged to look at forms of mass transport for the city and said a long-term transport plan will also be required.

Cllr Fitzhenry added: "But we need to be looking at this year. Delivering on the transport plan will take some time. So there's short-term things and long-term things we'll be working on. "

Asked about the promises he would make to residents he said: "I make a personal promise that I and my team will give our absolute maximum to deliver for people. We may make some mistakes, I am sure we will, we will probably get things wrong at some stage but we will listen, we will be respectful, we will adopt an attitude of can-do and you can hold us to account at the election."

He said his group wants to win more seats next year.

"We want to carry on winning. To carry on winning we need to start delivering for people and that's what we will be focused on", he added.