A MAN armed with a samurai sword was pushed to the ground and then Tasered, a court heard.

Patryk Adamczyk was spotted by a man in Shirley Avenue wielding a “large sword”.

Speaking at Southampton Magistrates’ Court, a prosecution solicitor said: “Concerns had been raised about two people loitering in a garage. It was around about 10.30pm and police had been called.

Daily Echo: Patryk AdamczykPatryk Adamczyk

“They were called because members of the public believed that the defendant and another were stealing items from a van.

“They were followed to an address and when the member of the public drove past they could see that between them [they had] what appeared to be a large sword.”

Adamczyk, 38, of Foundry Lane, and his “friend”, Ernest Kujawski, were chased by a police constable and his dog.

The prosecutor added: “Their attention was very much focused on the defendant’s friend.”

Kujawski ran into a property and slammed the police dog in a door repeatedly.

Daily Echo: Ernest KujawskiErnest Kujawski

The prosecutor went on to say: “The defendant [Adamczyk] then becomes visible and is holding the large sword. At this point the officer pushes him away to the ground. He dropped the sword and a member of public kicked it away. The officer used his Taser on the defendant because he was not compliant.”

Appearing at Southampton Magistrates’ Court, he was charged with possessing a bladed article in a public place to which he pleaded guilty.

The court heard, how during a police interview, Adamczyk claimed he saw three males outside his home. He feared for his family’s safety and grabbed the first thing that came to hand.

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Which was the sword hanging over his bed. He went outside to protect them [his family] and hopefully scare the males. He said he had been drinking and had been “tipsy”.

Adamczyk has “significant” previous convictions in Poland. These include for robbery, theft, burglary and kidnapping.

Unrepresented and aided by an interpreter, he apologised for failing to attend court on previous occasions and said there had been a fire at his former address. He was remanded in custody and is due to appear at Southampton Crown Court on May 28 for sentencing.