Today, May 7, 2021 I read your statement, John Mcfarland.

It tells me once again that you have something against Ralph Hasenhuttl.

He is a qualified manager/coach who has been very successful during his years with other clubs.

He has two very good goalkeepers and is now concentrating on new players for defence.

Maybe you should read the sports part of the Daily Echo.

He is willing and able to accept when he makes a mistake.

Why don't you complain about VAR?

Two players received the red cards early in games which have been reviewed and cancelled.

The manager is not on the pitch, if the players make mistakes they may be replaced but you are not able to sack the team, so the manager is released from his contract.

Every letter you have had published it was always against Ralph.

Don't you like him?

The Directors and fans have faith in Ralph, you don't.

Let him do the job he was employed for.

John Cooper