I READ with horror that the new Southampton City council run by the Tories will be attacking cyclists and pedestrians.

They want to close bus lanes making it more difficult for cyclists, forcing more cyclists to illegally cycle on pavements.

They want to open more car parking spaces and reduce parking charges.

This is clearly designed to bring yet more unwanted traffic into the city.

This might sound OK for SUV drivers but a nightmare for the rest of us.

They don't seem to get the message.

We don't want any more car fumes in the city.

The Tories say this will get things moving again.

The reality is that it is likely to create more traffic jams, more air pollution and more deaths from the car fumes.

This will make living in Southampton most unpleasant.

I am surprised at their approach.

Their minister Matt Hancock tells us that they always follow the science.

Yet science is telling us that we must urgently reduce our CO2 emissions and not increase it as the Tories seems to want to do here.

Their thinking is muddled. Science is telling us we must reduce car driving not increase it.

Perhaps someone else can explain their confused ideas?

Ron Meldrum

Green Party