A VIOLENT thug launched a series of vicious attacks against three sex workers in Southampton.

Everton Fyffe beat a woman to the ground, stamped on her and kicked her in the head, a court heard.

The 54-year-old then took out a Stanley knife and put it to her throat.

He went on to attack two other women on separate occasions, hitting one of them around the head with his bicycle.

Barrister, Charles Gabb, said that the Crown Prosecution Service was trying to protect people – women in particular – from his predations.

Fyffe, who lives with his grandmother in Southcliff Road, Southampton, denied attacking his victims.

But following an 11-day trial at Southampton Crown Court, a jury found him guilty of three counts of ABH, possession of an offensive weapon in a public place, threatening a person with an offensive weapon, and false imprisonment.

Mr Gabb recounted some of Everton’s extensive criminal history with convictions including robbery, burglaries, criminal damage and ABH.

He even attacked his female cousin, punching and kicking her at their grandmother's home.

Defending, Khalid Missouri said that Everton had had a very difficult life growing up and that he suffered from abuse and was subjected to violence from his stepfather.

Given the opportunity to address the court, Fyffe said: “I am sick of being painted as this savage that goes around beating up women.”

During his trial, he had said he had been subjected to vile lies.

He stressed that he suffered from post-traumatic stress behaviour.

However, Judge Peter Henry said this was not an excuse for the attacks, which happened over six months in Southampton last year.

Judge Henry said he had no doubt that Everton was a high risk of causing serious harm to women.

He added: “These were assaults by a large and imposing man on very vulnerable and defenceless women.”

He handed Fyffe an extended sentence of 11 years to include six years in custody and five years spent on licence.