A SOUTHAMPTON coffee shop says it wants to start a “discussion” after complaints had been submitted to city bosses over its new artwork.

Staff at independent firm Muse coffee shop, on Portswood Road, commissioned the piece to voice their views on violence against women.

The graffiti-style message shows the words “protect your daughter” crossed out and replaced with “educate your son.”

Muse say that the artwork aims to promote the idea that the responsibility of reducing male violence against women should be placed on men, instead of women.

The shop, which opened last June, has a team of seven staff members, who decided as a joint effort to commission the piece, created by an anonymous artist.

Muse Manager Kate Jeffcoate said reactions to the artwork have been “mixed” varying from people coming into the shop to compliment the piece to complaints being put into Southampton City Council aiming to have it removed.

She encouraged people who disagree with the piece to “have a discussion instead of jumping to conclusions”, adding: ”They might not have experienced misogyny first hand but I could almost guarantee someone they love has.”

The council confirmed they had received complaints about the piece.

A spokesperson said:“We are not permitted to remove artwork from private or commercial property unless we have the permission or instruction of the landowner and, as the artwork has been commissioned by the café, this is a matter for the business owners and not the council in this instance.”

On their inspiration, Kate added: “We had come across the statement on social media and with a couple incidents of people coming in the shop, making inappropriate comments towards female staff, we really resonated with the meaning behind it.

She continued: “The owner suggested we just paint it on the side of the building to really stand up for what we believe in, and for those who have trouble being heard, and we loved the idea.”