I congratulate Cllr Fitzhenry and the new councillors to their new roles.

I'm looking forward to even more improvements to #GetSouthamptonMoving.

Like Cllr Fitzhenry (I believe) and a high proportion of residents, I don't have a car.

I sincerely hope that our new council do all they can to make more safe routes with restrictions on vehicles, for vulnerable road users, as well as faster routes for buses having priority.

My cycle commute to Thornhill takes me on some of the hilliest routes in Southampton but I have a zigzagging route of 5.5 miles to avoid some of the busiest roads.

My journey has been much improved by being able to use the lane on Bitterne Rd West (A3024) and cross the traffic more easily over Northam Bridge.

I can see that many people who don't presently use buses may start to use them (as covid restrictions lift), as we can see the buses moving faster than cars at times.

Today I saw an ambulance use the bus lane to quickly cross the bridge - how did emergency vehicles get across Northam bridge when lots of private vehicles filled all the space?

I urge our new council to please keep these Conservative funded schemes and stick with Boris's Gear Change.

Thank you, also on behalf of the future generations and in particular the children that I teach in the city.

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