TWO boys riding e-scooters were spoken to by police yesterday after narrowly avoiding being "flattened" by an "angry and upset" motorist. 

The pair were reminded that riding e-scooters in public in illegal and the parents of the children were also spoken to by police.

A post on Hedge End Police's Facebook page read: "While out on bike patrol yesterday, I was flagged down in West End High Street by a man driving a car, who was quite upset and angry.

"In his words he had just ‘almost flattened’ two young lads on e-scooters that had just shot out into the road in front of him.

"I was just off to find them, when by chance they came flying down the hill towards me.

"So I stopped them both and spoke to them and explained that I had been flagged down etc.

"Long story short, I have now spoken to both of the parents and explained that riding e-scooters in public is illegal, but more importantly that we don’t want to be knocking their door to tell them their child has been hit by a car."