I FULLY SUPPORT the comments made by Keith Lawrenson.

One does wonder why Hampshire County Council are delaying their decision on re-opening the Hundred.

Could it be that the results of the survey have yet to be massaged to satisfy another agenda?

The existing barriers outside Boots are an unsightly failure.

They do not allow easy or free movement of prams, wheelchairs or mobility scooters, let alone pedestrians negotiating the pinch points around them.

The kerbs to the narrow pavements are also a trip hazard along the entire length to Latimer Street as are the questionable cobbled margins.

And then there are all those bollards in the footway to avoid.

This primary route through the town needs to be re-opened now.

I also believe it is time to reconsider this area as a whole harnessing the opportunity to create an innovative and imaginative layout designed to meet everyone’s needs.

If there is any money to be spent on this short section of the Hundred then I suggest the area is resurfaced with a robust material to create a true wall-to-wall pedestrian priority space with a narrowed traffic route reduced to the minimum.

No yellow tarmac, no yellow lines and no parking will ensure that the paved area is not perceived as a ‘road’ and will make vehicles drive more slowly.

The result would be a much wider level paved area for pedestrians outside the shops.

Neill Beasley